5 Courtesy Tips when Buying or Selling on the Slidebi Ticket App

5 Courtesy Tips when Buying or Selling on the Slidebi Ticket App

Buying and selling event tickets should come with some common courtesy for all parties involved. It makes for a smooth and pleasant experience, which is what we at Slidebi aim to achieve. We all want respect and dignity in these transactions, right? Here are some tips to keep in mind as you proceed on the buying or selling adventure with Slidebi ticket app:

1. Price Your Tickets to Sell

At Slidebi, we are all about creating the best experience possible for both sellers and requesters. You want to make a nice profit, but try not to get outrageous with asking prices. Even with some buyers “desperate” for front row seats at a specific event, your reputation and future transactions stay in good graces when you are fair from the start.

2. Respond Quickly to Inquiries

This applies to buying and selling. It is simply proper manners to get back to someone as soon as possible, especially when other interested parties may be waiting to hear back as well. Answer any questions, and if declining an offer, do so in a concise but courteous way. The quicker the deal is made on the Slidebi app, the faster both parties can meet to exchange tickets. 

3. Use Friendly and Clear Communication

While you may text your pals with a lot of slang and emoji faces, it is better to use full and grammatically correct notes as you make deals or ask questions with the other parties on Slidebi ticket app

4. Say Thank You!

When the deal is made and accepted, be sure to offer a simple thanks for doing business. You may be excited to get those tickets or make that money, but don’t forget to show some gratitude where it’s due. Remember, Slidebi was made with the intention of creating a delightful experience for everyone.

About Slidebi

Slidebi is here to help you sell or buy access to the best seats in the house during exciting live events, but it’s up to you to bring your best self in the steps leading up to them. Just use some common sense and courtesy to others, and you are sure to have an excellent interaction on the Slidebi ticket app. Download the Slidebi ticket app today to enhance your event experience!