4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Game Night

4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Game Night

Here at Slidebi, we understand that sports events are the best place to have fun and socialize in your free time. You get to cheer on your favorite local teams while enjoying a lively atmosphere. They’re an excellent place for a night out with friends or family, or even for a relaxed date night. Here’s how to plan the perfect night out at a sports game.

Get Your Merch!

If you’re a fan of your local team, now is the perfect time to get decked out in your team’s merch. Don’t be hesitant when putting together your outfit and make sure you’re showing your team spirit to the max. Don’t have any team merch? No worries! Put together an outfit featuring your team’s best colors. Or you can take it to the next level and apply body paint to stand out with the REAL fans. That said, if you’re going to be outside, make sure you’re wearing weather appropriate outfits. Football season is especially chilly, so don’t forget to grab a beanie with your favorite team’s logo.

Plan Your Pregame

One of the best parts of going to a sports game is enjoying some great food and drinks ahead of time. If tailgating is popular where you live, start purchasing food and planning your tailgate setup as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than forgetting your hot dog buns at home! If tailgating isn’t an option, look for restaurants and bars where you can get pumped up before the game and mingle with other fans. Chances are, there’s somewhere fun near the stadium where you can get in the mood for the game.

Plan Your Transit

Many sports stadiums are located in busy city areas without a lot of parking. If you’re planning on driving, look online for parking options ahead of time. You may also want to consider taking public transit – not only will you not have to worry about parking, but you can also enjoy your drinks safely without worrying about driving.

Upgrade Your Tickets with Slidebi

The better the view, the better the experience! There are many ways to buy tickets for your night out, but only one that gets you closer to the action. With Slidebi you can purchase mid-event tickets from fellow sports fans. Be sure to keep the app open during half time to upgrade your ticket at the best value possible!

About Mid-Event Tickets on Slidebi

When you download the Slidebi app, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your seat any time during the game. Swap your seats with mid-event tickets exclusively on Slidebi!